Article by Ayn Rand, “girl reporter,” sells for $21,000

PEN ULTIMATE RARE BOOKS carries the world’s largest collection of Ayn Rand rare books and manuscripts in private hands.

Among its holdings are 24 of the 26 articles she wrote for The Los Angeles Times. Part of our description reads: “Rand wrote her editor at the LAT that she loved “being a girl reporter”. Twenty-four Full-length Autograph Manuscripts Signed (“Ayn Rand”) and dated, some 260 pages, built as a monument to that spirit which was hers alone.”

Still, we’d wondered what became of the two missing articles. We learned only last week that one of the missing articles, “The New Enemies of ‘The Untouchables,’ ” a ten-page handwritten article defending the popular TV show, sold in 2012 for $21,000.

That places the current value of the remaining 24 articles at well over $500,000.

Not bad for a “girl reporter.”

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