The New York Antiquarian Book Fair, 2016

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Ground-breaking botany, the complete works of 19C English and American men and women of letters (one volume twice-signed by Twain/S Clemens), a volume of poetry from Pope’s library signed “A Pope,” golf from the days of plus fours and stiff cocktails, racy early fashion photography, classic fantasy fiction, a touch of Dracula, pinches of Kant, and a gorgeous fourth folio Shakespeare thrown in, an iconic novel about mental illness, and some strikingly detailed 16C maps of Paris– all shined at the New York Antiquarian...

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Collecting Ayn Rand, Signed Limited Editions: Atlas Shrugged and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

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(Please refer to the entries in Vincent L Perinn’s book, Ayn Rand: First Descriptive Bibliography available from Pen Ultimate Rare Books, as it’s an invaluable resource. While I’ve found some mistakes in Perinn [Capitalism 2, explained below, is a mistake of omission; he simply didn't know about it. Even today, many informed Rand collectors don't know.] Still, Perinn’s book is essential for anyone collecting Ayn Rand.) The Limited Edition [LE] Atlas Shrugged, Perinn’s A4d (p. 28, 29), is described accurately by...

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Ayn Rand @ The New York Antiquarian Book Fair, 2015

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“I started collecting stamps when I was ten years old,” wrote 69 year old Ayn Rand in blue ink on blue paper, where she proclaimed her passion for philately on a heavily annotated and corrected 16-page manuscript (“Why I Like Stamp Collecting”) offered for sale at The New York Antiquarian Book Fair, the granddaddy of all book fairs. This manuscript along with other Rand treasures bedazzled the Fair, where Ayn Rand commanded record-breaking prices. My reconnaissance — to locate every Ayn Rand offering – began on Friday with my friend Don...

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I gather the community organizer was practicing the “virtue” of “open-mindedness” when he ever so decisively countered, with characteristic firmness, that the vicious, fiery, Nazi-like execution of a Jordanian soldier “just indicates the degree to which, whatever ideology they’re operating off of, it’s bankrupt”. Take that, you bankrupt, masked rascals! And if there’s something up with which the Commander-in-Chief of US armed forces will not put, it’s masked, bankrupt rascals. He may even draw a...

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Happy 110 birthday Ayn Rand!

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In a small book a friend gave me called Myths about Ayn Rand, several well-known misconceptions were treated (AR was a conservative, an elitist, wasn’t a serious philosopher) but the one misconception I blurted out before opening the book doesn’t appear: AR had no sense of humor. Anyone familiar with her writing, either fiction or not, knows this is simply not true. To celebrate what would have been Rand’s 110 birthday, I post a passage that still makes me laugh though I’ve read it countless times, from “Art and...

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Hillary’s “Smart Power:” What difference does it make?

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What Difference Does it Make, Mrs. Clinton? At a recent poorly attended talk by Hillary Clinton at Georgetown University, the likely presidential candidate shared her profound thoughts on advancing the causes of peace and security. Mrs. Clinton, with far more worldly experience than Miss America candidates who consider these subjects (albeit before a much larger audience), imparted her unparalleled presidential-ish expertise as follows. “This is what we call smart power,” the former Secretary of State disclosed. “Using every...

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Article by Ayn Rand, “girl reporter,” sells for $21,000

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PEN ULTIMATE RARE BOOKS carries the world’s largest collection of Ayn Rand rare books and manuscripts in private hands. Among its holdings are 24 of the 26 articles she wrote for The Los Angeles Times. Part of our description reads: “Rand wrote her editor at the LAT that she loved “being a girl reporter”. Twenty-four Full-length Autograph Manuscripts Signed (“Ayn Rand”) and dated, some 260 pages, built as a monument to that spirit which was hers alone.” Still, we’d wondered what became of the two missing articles. We...

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Reproductions of Ayn Rand manuscripts shatter $10,000+.

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9 23 14. New York City. Ayn Rand Institute Auction. St. Regis Hotel.  ARI’s annual dinner at NYC’s opulent St. Regis Hotel was a stunning success for ARI, puncturing price barriers in its auction of Randabilia. First up was a lot of items called “The Virtue of Selfishness Lot”. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Virtue of Selfishness, this one-of-a-kind collection of items from the Ayn Rand Archives included a paperback copy of VOS from Ayn Rand’s library, a rare photograph of Rand on Wall Street, similar to the...

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Ayn Rand at auction

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On September 18, a single page from the drafted Atlas Shrugged manuscript hammered at $27,500. The description read as follows: Important page from Ayn Rand’s handwritten draft of her extremely influential novel Atlas Shrugged, 7.5 x 10.75, marked “197″ at the top, no date but circa 1950s. A hand-corrected and revised page from one of the most memorable scenes in the book, a terse exchange between heroine Dagny Taggart and Lillian Rearden, after she learns of Dagny’s affair with her husband, Hank Rearden. In full:...

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Notably Quotable Ayn Rand

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Ayn Rand often evidenced undeniable power as a writer in single sentences or brief paragraphs, often at or near the end of her unanswerable treatment of  a subject. From time to time I shall add further quotations from Rand to this blog, with or without comment. “Any alleged “right” of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right” (“Man’s Rights,” The Virtue of Selfishness). “There is a fundamental conviction which some people never acquire,...

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