Reproductions of Ayn Rand manuscripts shatter $10,000+.

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9 23 14. New York City. Ayn Rand Institute Auction. St. Regis Hotel.  ARI’s annual dinner at NYC’s opulent St. Regis Hotel was a stunning success for ARI, puncturing price barriers in its auction of Randabilia. First up was a lot of items called “The Virtue of Selfishness Lot”. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Virtue of Selfishness, this one-of-a-kind collection of items from the Ayn Rand Archives included a paperback copy of VOS from Ayn Rand’s library, a rare photograph of Rand on Wall Street, similar to the...

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Ayn Rand at auction

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On September 18, a single page from the drafted Atlas Shrugged manuscript hammered at $27,500. The description read as follows: Important page from Ayn Rand’s handwritten draft of her extremely influential novel Atlas Shrugged, 7.5 x 10.75, marked “197″ at the top, no date but circa 1950s. A hand-corrected and revised page from one of the most memorable scenes in the book, a terse exchange between heroine Dagny Taggart and Lillian Rearden, after she learns of Dagny’s affair with her husband, Hank Rearden. In full:...

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Notably Quotable Ayn Rand

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Ayn Rand often evidenced undeniable power as a writer in single sentences or brief paragraphs, often at or near the end of her unanswerable treatment of  a subject. From time to time I shall add further quotations from Rand to this blog, with or without comment. “Any alleged “right” of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right” (“Man’s Rights,” The Virtue of Selfishness). “There is a fundamental conviction which some people never acquire,...

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My First Afternoon with Ayn Rand

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Monday, June 2, 2014, ranks among the most enjoyable days of my life.  Even the long drive from New York City to Bostonwas spine-chilling: My photographer Joe and I came within split seconds and a few feet of hitting a full-grown black bear. Joe was in heaven once we’d all managed to escape unharmed. (I wasn’t.) We arrived at  12:30 PM. A knowledgeable, professional assistant led the way to the room holding my Ayn Rand manuscripts.  The entire 2/3 right side of an elegant, Stissing dining room table (could easily accommodate 8)...

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