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Ayn Rand: First Descriptive Bibliography

"First Edition?" "First Printing?" " First Issue?" "First State?" "First Issue dust jacket?"--how does a collector of Ayn Rand make sense of all these claims? Compiled by Vincent L Perinn, Ayn Rand: First Descriptive Bibliogrpahy explains thes [...]

Moral Rights and Political Freedom

A professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, Dr. Tara Smith’s primary interests concern the nature of values, virtues and the requirements of objective law. She is on the Board of Directors of The Ayn Rand Institute. Presented is Dr [...]

Country of the Heart First Edition, Inscribed by Smith

"With a talent for characterization, Kay Nolte Smith was the most prolific and original novelist to come out of Rand's circle" (Michelle Cohen, The Atlasphere). Kay Nolte Smith's Espionage thriller "Country of the Heart", was published as a ha [...]

WHO IS AYN RAND? First Printing, Signed by Rand and both authors

"Man the rational being has found his spokesman and defender, and has been released from his moral underground. That is the imperishable achievement of Ayn Rand." Inscribed and Dated by Nathaniel Branden. Branden's first book, First edition of [...]

Catching Fire First Edition in jacket

"Her heroes, villains and secondary characters are not contrived cardboard puppets dangling from a plot; her characters are the plot." (Edward Cline, The Wall Street Journal, August, 1982). An Edgar Award winner for her debut novel, The Watche [...]