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LIBERTY MAGAZINE issues on Ayn Rand

"Quite early on, [Rand] said she could find a solution to every ethical problem" (John Hospers on "Conversations with Ayn Rand). Four issues of Liberty Magazine (July & September, 1990; November, 1997; September, 1999) containing a feature [...]

The Free Man’s Library: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography First Edition in dust jacket.

According to Hazlitt, "The free man’s library is a descriptive and critical bibliography of works on the philosophy of individualism—“individualism” in a broad sense. The bibliography includes works which explain the workings and advan [...]

OBJECTIVISM:THE PHILOSOPHY of AYN RAND Uncorrected Proof with Publisher’s Letter.

"This book is the definitive statement of Ayn Rand's philosophy--as interpreted by her best student and closest heir." The closest a collector can get to the actual author's manuscript, these paperwrap copies are sent to reviewers to generate [...]


NBI COMMUNICATIONS, c. 1968. . Book Condition: Near Fine. Sleeve Condition: Very Good. An Introduction to Objectivism: The Moral Revolution in Atlas Shrugged. 12" LP. SIGNED by Branden in black ink on front cover. Based on the first chapter o [...]

THE OMINOUS PARALLELS Inscribed by Peikoff. With Ayn Rand editor.

"We dare not brush aside unexplained a horror such as Nazism."  Peikoff's first book, introduced by Ayn Rand, with a chapter explaining the antidote to Nazism,  Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.  Excerpts were published in Rand's The Object [...]