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PLAIN TALK: AN Anthology from the Leading Anti-Communist Magazine of the 40′s

"The principle of free speech requires that we do not use police force to prohibit the Communists the expression of their ideas--which means that we do not pass laws forbidding them to speak. But the principle of free speech does not require t [...]

Ta Ta, Tan Tan Inscribed to Ronald Reagan with Objectivist Review

Inscribed "To Ronald Reagan -- who is wise enough to fight for freedom lest he loses it! With best wishes--Valentin Chu" Below is the red seal stamp of Mr. Chu. "In his authororitative book, Ta Ta, Tan Tan, Valentin Chu, correspondent for Time [...]

The Language of Dissent Signed with Rand’s review

"I invite the reader of this book to concern himself with tyranny." SIGNED, inscribed and dated in year of publication by Mason.  Reviewed and favorably recommended by Ayn Rand in August, 1963 in The Objectivist Newsletter. Rand calls this bo [...]

The Greatest Plot in History Signed with Objectivist Review

"In The Greatest Plot in History, Ralph de Toledano has told the ugliest spy story in the annals of political corruption. It is the story of those "idealistic" American intellectuals who emerged from universities and laboratories, during World [...]

Journals of Ayn Rand Unread First Printing

"The opening of the story proper with: 'Who is John Galt?' The bum in a desolate city street at twilight. The first sign of a city's disintegration. The afternoon uneasiness." Ayn Rand's early notes for a novel she called "The Strike," which w [...]