All Other Landmarks of Inquiry

CAPITALISM: THE CREATOR Snyder’s Magnum Opus Signed in jacket

SIGNED, warmly inscribed and Dated by Snyder, "June 2, 1943". Stated Seventh Printing. Snyder's magnum opus explaining with brilliant lucidity and ruthless logic that "there is one way, and only one way, that any people, in all history, have e [...]


"Reisman's exposure of modern mercantilist fallacies takes its place alongside that of Adam Smith" (James Buchanan). Written by a student of Ludwig Von Mises (to whom, along with wife Edith, CAPITALISM is dedicated) and Ayn Rand, Reisman's Cap [...]

Bear Pond Rare Weber in Dust Jacket

Widely regarded as the photographer's finest work in this vein and surely his most highly celebrated book, Weber's Bear Pond is printed in gravure on thick uncoated stock paper to the very highest standards. In pictorial DJ with titles on the [...]

Moral Rights and Political Freedom

A professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, Dr. Tara Smith’s primary interests concern the nature of values, virtues and the requirements of objective law. She is on the Board of Directors of The Ayn Rand Institute. Presented is Dr [...]

Country of the Heart First Edition, Inscribed by Smith

"With a talent for characterization, Kay Nolte Smith was the most prolific and original novelist to come out of Rand's circle" (Michelle Cohen, The Atlasphere). Kay Nolte Smith's Espionage thriller "Country of the Heart", was published as a ha [...]