THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS: A New Concept of Egoism First Edition in Jacket

Why did Ayn Rand entitle her first, non-fiction collection, The Virtue of Selfishness, you ask.¬†“For the reason that makes you afraid of it,” she answers in her rousing full-length Introduction, simultaneously penetrating, probing, promoting. With one exception, all 19 articles are reprinted from Rand’s monthly The Objectivist Newsletter (1962-65), essays difficult to obtain in original publication. (Yes, I have them.) “The Objectivist Ethics,” its leading and arguably its most important article, was never reprinted in a Rand periodical. “The Argument from Intimadation,” which closes the anthology, is Rand’s stirring, urgent contribution to Aristotle’s enumeration¬†of logical fallacies. See if you don’t recognize its ubiquity today. To date, this is Rand’s most highly desirable non-fiction title. A near fine copy in an extremely good jacket with a small light stain on the back panel. Book #N3003. $110 Many more Rand items, including handwritten manuscript pages from Atlas Shrugged, available.

Price: $110.00
ByAyn Rand
PublishedNewYork: New American Library, (1964)