AYN RAND AND ALIENATION: The Platonic Idealism of the Objectivist Ethics and a Rational Alternative

Limited to 500 copies, now long out-of-print, Sid Greenberg’s critical discussion of his understanding of the Objectivist ethics is notable for its critique of the Nathaniel Branden Institute [NBI], an organization which promoted Rand’s philosophy as presented in Atlas Shrugged (and was promoted by Rand in early paperback printings of Atlas). “NBI lectures,” states Greenberg, “had an atmosphere peculiar to church masses, an air of hushed, sepulcher solemnity,” long before its principals, Nathaniel and Barbara Branden, admitted as much decades later. Greenberg also takes aim at what he calls “Platonic idealism” in the Objectivist ethics and offers his own “rational alternative.” This is a fine, tight, unread copy, still bright. A highly collectible copy of a scarce, early critical book on Rand , Branden, and the early Objectivist movement. Many more Rand and Rand-related materials, including handwritten manuscript pages of Atlas Shrugged, available. Book #1002 $85

Price: $85.00
BindingSoft Cover
BySid Greenberg
PublishedSIDGREENBERG: San Francisco, 1977.