Ta Ta, Tan Tan Inscribed to Ronald Reagan with Objectivist Review

Inscribed “To Ronald Reagan — who is wise enough to fight for freedom lest he loses it! With best wishes–Valentin Chu” Below is the red seal stamp of Mr. Chu. “In his authororitative book, Ta Ta, Tan Tan, Valentin Chu, correspondent for Time magazine, demonstrates that Communist China’s strength is illusory, that its policies have progreessively weakened and crippled its economy, and thereby undercut the basis of any military threat to the West” (The Objectivist Newsletter, 1963). A fine copy in a jacket with chipping, Accompanying this book is the Oct, 1963 issue of The Objectivist Newsletter which reviews the book. Also included in this issue is the first printing of Rand’s “The Goal of My Writing” (Part 2) and Nathaniel Branden’s answers to questions on economics. An extraordinary association copy. Book #8224. $300

Price: $300.00
ByValentin Chu
PublishedNew York: Norton, (1963)