The Ayn Rand Letter Volume II Complete Set

“The conservatives want to control man’s consciousness; the liberals his body.” In these historic issues of The Ayn Rand Letter, Rand breaks with conservatives — “What are they seeking to conserve?” she asked — explains her views on Nixon’s Watergate, and contributes for the first time in print, an important element of Objectivist metaphysics in “The Metaphysical versus the Man-made”.
These 26 issues are in fine condition (folded for mailing) and include the scarce “Table of Contents” for Volume II. No writings, markings or marginalia in any issue. Includes Peikoff’s early drafts of The Ominous Parallels. Difficult to find complete in collectible condition, especially with Table of Contents. Deserves presence in a world-class Rand collection. Book #6340. $165. Many more Rand titles, including handwritten manuscript pages from Atlas Shrugged, available.

Price: $165.00
ByAyn Rand
PublishedThe Ayn Rand Letter, NY. 1972-3