The Language of Dissent Signed with Rand’s review

“I invite the reader of this book to concern himself with tyranny.” SIGNED, inscribed and dated in year of publication by Mason.  Reviewed and favorably recommended by Ayn Rand in August, 1963 in The Objectivist Newsletter. Rand calls this book “an important historical document and it offers irrefutable information on the subject of antitrust as the major threat to this country’s freedom.” A tight, unread copy in a jacket lightly chipped at edges, protected in Mylar. Accompanying this copy is the August, 1963 issue of The Objectivist Newsletter containing Rand’s review of Mason, as well as articles by Alan Greenspan and Nathaniel Branden. Book # 8223. $35. Many more Rand and Rand-recommended titles available.

Price: $35.00
ByLowell Mason
PublishedCleveland: World Publishing (1959)